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Drifter/Inviter Clutch Alignment

Inviter/Drifter Clutch Alignment

 The converter alignment (offset) should be 0.454in. (11.5mm) as measured from the back face of the fixed sheave on the drive converter to the front and rear edge of the driven converter movable sheave. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1

 If adjustment of the converter alignment is required, loosen the bolts securing the engine to the mounting frame, and slide the engine left or right as necessary to obtain the 0.454 in (11.5mm) offset.  Tighten the engine mounting bolts to 30 ft lb.



Converter Center Distance Adjustment

The converter center distance should be 10.3in (262mm). (See Figure 2)


Figure 2


If adjustment of the converter center distance is required loosen the four mounting nuts on the chaincase. If equipped, the driven converter support arm must be disconnected from the chassis by removing the clevis pin from the yoke.  Move the chaincase to obtain the 10.3 in (262mm) center distance.  Tighten the chaincase mounting nuts (See Figure 3).  If equipped install driven converter support arm to the chassis and secure the clevis pin with safety clip.

Figure 3

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