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December 2004 WINNER

Ron Foss
78 Intruder


Erik Winkworth a.k.a LTD_440

February 2005 WINNER

Steve Longfellows 1980 4/6

March 2005 WINNER

Jim VanWinkles 1980 340 Invader


Robert Peterson JR's Wife Wendy on his Interceptor

May 2005 WINNER

Truckers wife Berleen with his 79 Invader

June 2005 WINNER

Great action shot sent in by Wade Heins of his Dad catching some air with a Kawipowered JD

July 2005 WINNER

Robert Peterson Jr's Interceptor #398

August 2005 WINNER

Truckers 1980 Intruder in original unrestored condition

September 2005 WINNER

Tom Loebig's 81 Invader

October 2005 WINNER

Alex Eischen's 82 Interceptor #532

November 2005 WINNER

Darryl Martindale's 440 Invader

December 2005 WINNER

Randy Smith's 80 F/A Drifter

Restored with help from 15 yr old daughter Taylor

January 2006 WINNER

78invader440's restored 78 Invader

February 2006 WINNER

Truckers Interceptor #61

March 2006 WINNER

Fredro's Intruders taking a break near Munising MI

April 2006 WINNER

Sled Etch's Invader

May 2006 WINNER

Truder78's Immaculate 78 Intruder

June 2006 WINNER

Robert Peterson Jr's Interceptor on a trip to the post office

July 2006 WINNER

Jesse Dodge's 81 LTD that has only 300 miles on it.

August 2006 WINNER

Group of Kawis submitted by Gary's repair in Pandora Ohio .

September 2006 WINNER

A few of Truckers Collection 79 intruder,79 invader,80 intruder,82 LTD

October 2006 WINNER

Robert Peterson Jr's 80 Intruder,81 Invader,82 Interceptor

November 2006 WINNER

Patrick Kolenko's Freshly restored 1980 LTD 4/6

December 2006 WINNER

Robert Peterson Jr hanging on to Interceptor 398

January 2007 WINNER

Robert Peterson Jr's restored 78 Invader

February 2007 WINNER

Stig and Ann Jönsson from Sweden with there beautiful LTD's

March 2007 WINNER

Mike Winters(bpmailman) custom 4/6

April 2007 WINNER

sled etch's 81 Invader


Mswyka's Intruder in action

June 2007 WINNER

Jesse Dodge's 81 LTD and his girfriend Sheena


Eric Curtis grass dragging his Invader at Princeton

August 2007 WINNER

ari648s invader

September 2007 WINNER

Interceptor398's wife and 78 invader

October 2007 WINNER

Interceptor398's sleds

November 2007 WINNER

Drifterchicks 79 drifter with 80 hood

December 2007 WINNER

Victor Harris's 82 intruder on the trails in MI

January 2008 WINNER

Carl Hagelins 81 Drifter

February 2008 WINNER

Eric Winkworths 79 Drifter

March 2008 WINNER

Antony Rioux on his Invader

April 2008 WINNER

Truder78's Invader

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