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Ignition Timing Check

WARNING: Remove drive belt while checking or adjusting the timing.
An air cooled motor is shown but, the procedure is the same for all motors

1) ) Install a fabricated timing pointer onto one of the cylinder head
studs. For accuracy, it is important to attach pointer to engine rather
than chassis,so pointer can move with engine.(see figure 2-51)

2) Remove both spark plugs and install a dial indicator into the
right hand cylinder spark plug hole. (cylinder #1)

These indicators are available from SLP

3) Rotate drive converter in the normal direction of rotation (counterclockwise)
to find TDC. (top dead center) Next, turn drive converter clockwise to the
dimension specified for your particular engine (refer to shop manual) before TDC.
Make a mark on the drive converter fixed sheave opposite the timing pointer.
(see figure 2-51)

4) Remove dial indicator, re-install spark plugs (spark plug gap is 0.024 inch (0.66mm).

5) With drive belt removed and converter guard in place, run engine at 6,500 rpm.
Direct timing light through opening in converter guard directly over the timing
pointer. The timing is correct when the mark on the converter aligns with the
pointer as the timing light flashes. (see figure 2-52).
If timing is incorrect, refer to ignition timing adjustment.

Ignition Timing Adjustment

1) Remove muffler and pull strter for access to stator plate; then loosen stator
plate mounting screws through holes in the flywheel. (see figure 2-53)

2) Turn stator plate as required (clockwise to retard timing; counterclockwise
to advance timing) to correct timing and tighten stator plate screw. Temporarily
postion muffler onto exhaust manifold, start engine using emergency starter rope
on the driven converter, and re-check timing.

3) when ignition timing is correct, remove timing pointer and re-install
the pull starter, muffler and, drive belt.

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