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Track Tension Adjustment

WARNING: while raising the snowmobile off the ground, place the skis
against a stationary object and secure the vehicle to prevent personal injury.

WARNING: To prevent personal injury, never adjust track tension with the engine running.

1) With the track completely off the ground, brace the snowmobile so it cannot
fall, then hang an 8 to 10 lb (2.2 to 3.6 kg) weight from the mid point of the track.

2) The clearance from the bottom of the wear strip to the top of the track should
be 3/4 to 1-1/8 inch when measured midway along the tracks length (see figure 2-69)

3) If adjustment is necessary, loosen the jam nuts, and turn the rear axel adjusting
bolts as required to obtain the specified wear strip to tracl clearance. (see figure 2-70)
Be sure end or nose of adjusting bolt is in recess of shaft when making this adjustment.
CAUTION: Track adjusting bolt ends must seat in rear axel recesses in order to prevent track damage.

4) When the proper tension is attained, be sure both adjusting bolts are the same
length when measured from the bolt head to the rear axel bracket. (see figure 2-70)

Track Alignment

WARNING: To prevent injury, never measure track alignment while the engine is running.

1) Remove the weight from the track, start the engine and apply
the throttle only enough to turn the track slowly a few
revolutions, then stop the engine and check the alignment.

2) The track is aligned when the distance between the rear idler wheel
and the edge of the track is equal on both sides. (see figure 2-71)

3) If the track runs to one side, tighten the rear axel adjusting bolt on the same
side, approximately 1/2 turn, then restart the engine and recheck the alignment.

4) Once proper track alignment is achieved, tighten the adjusting
bolt jam nuts and the rear axel locking bolts securely.

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